Grey Dolphin Sportfishing Charters Fishing Photos

Grey Dolphin Sportfishing Charters Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Bluefish, Striped Bass (Striper), Flounder. Cape Cod is probably the single best place to take a fishing trip in the northeast during summer months. From May until the end of October the fishing on Cape Cod is second to none. In mid to late May Striped Bass move into Cape Cod Bay in large numbers. Generally the stripers that show up first are on the smaller side, they are known as schoolies. Schoolie Striped Bass fishing can be a blast in the late spring, while the fish are not huge there are definitely a ton of them around. As the season progresses into June Cape Cod will see tons of larger Striped Bass show up as they too follow the cooler water north as water temps rise in southern states. At this point we catch large and trophy striped bass regularly. We use a few different techniques to target Stripers in Cape Cod Bay, of course we troll for them and we also cast to large schools of stripers using light tackle. As the season progresses further we start to see Bluefish show up in Cape Cod in good numbers starting in the middle of June. These Bluefish are known for being seriously hard fighting fish and are known to eat just about any lure presented in front of them. When we Target Bluefish we generally will use wire leader as they have some seriously sharp teeth on them and will otherwise bite through monofilament line. In the fall and winter months the flounder fishing keeps us pretty busy. Cape Cod is known for having one of the best striper fisheries in the northeast. . The Fishing photos are taken in Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod Bay